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Why is The Story of Books a social enterprise? We exist to make a positive contribution to society. People matter. We start with our social purpose and work out from there, not the other way around. We strive to give, not to take. We want to find joy in the success of others, not just our own. We don't believe that for some to win, others should lose. When society gains, we all should gain. We want to be part of making that happen, at least on our patch.

Why are we a social enterprise rather than a charity? As a creative, dynamic, imaginative organisation, we thrive on freedom and flexibility. We believe that the market can be a powerful engine of change. And change is what we are interested in - but change for good. For us, this means using the market to achieve our social purposes, rather than to generate profit for profit's sake.

What does that mean for us? Being a social enterprise is instinctive to us. It is why we exist and informs how we behave. It determines which projects we develop and the opportunities we turn down. Above all, it keeps us to our goal of making a positive impact.

Interested to know more about our vision and values for The Story of Books? Please drop us a line at info@thestoryofbooks.com. We would love to share more about our vision and values for The Story of Books.

Emma & Oliver Balch are the co-founders and the directors of The Story of Books. Emma is a creative entrepreneur, and previously worked in publishing, marketing, and design. Oliver is a journalist and writer, specialising in the role of business in society. Oliver has a PhD in sustainability from the University of Cambridge, and he is the author of three books published by Faber & Faber.


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